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I've been tweaking the layout and content of my food blog a bit more, working off a little free advice I got on how to potentially improve its performance. So far I'd say it's working, which makes me happy. I've also been looking at what are the posts that are the big traffic drivers there, and not too surprisingly it's restaurant reviews in my local little area. Obviously this is a topic where there's not going to be a lot of blogging competition as compared to writing about Philly restaurants. That's going to push me to try to get out more in the year ahead and sample some different places, even if just for a lunch bite here and there.

I have started posting a few articles for Yahoo! again as I'm surprised how well some of my old pieces are still drawing in regular traffic - and some $'s every month. I'm not going to make it a big tome commitment but my objective is one short (350-600 word) submission there a week.

I might come to regret this, but I also signed up for Zujava's "28 Leaves in 28 Days" challenge for February. Whether I complete the challenge or not, I figured it would be a good way to push myself to get a real portfolio of Leaves started there and to see what topics may actually have potential to pay off or not. There's very little competition/other writers there yet in my main areas of writing interest, so I feel like I do have a good opportunity to get in "early" there (and grab good URLs) before the competition is so over-saturated like on Squidoo.

We shall see!
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New lens published: Martini & Rossi Collectibles and Gifts

Heavily updated: Make Money at Christmas Craft Fairs

Latest blog entry: MasterChef US – some thoughts on this season, and next year...?

Finished reading: The Four Seasons: A Novel of Vivaldi's Venice (soon to be a book review quest lens)

Started: profile interview with [personal profile] reudaly, new Star Trek lens for SciFi theme quest.
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If not, I am now: South Jersey Foodie.

Since I'm no longer posting restaurant reviews or other food articles to Yahoo, I decided it was time to just start my own food blog, anyway. I've been working on linking/tagging up all my previous reviews to the blog, and starting to publish new content there as well.

Yes, I am shamelessly putting advertising links all over the site, but that's how we get paid, right? Right.

Anyway, if anyone has a food blog that they'd like to exchange blogroll links with me on, please let me know.


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