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One writer at Y!CN/Associated Content whom I frequently read is Jack Wellman, a Christian author & pastor. While his religious point of view is not always in alignment with my own, I've found many of his pieces quite inspiring and thoughtful. He's also very generous toward other writers on the site and represents much of what I find good and positive about the Christian faith, even as someone who shies away from the more evangelical side of Christianity.

So I couldn't believe it when I saw that his church is about to be picketed by the Westboro Baptist Church. Yes, THAT group. Because Jack's church is located in Mulvane, Kansas, home of the Patriot Guard Riders, motorcyclists who have a mission to honor fallen American soldiers and shield their families from protesters at funerals and memorials. But I have to hand it to Jack, who is planning on meeting their protests with kindness and offers of cookies and hot chocolate. Because meeting Westboro's hate with more hate will not do any good; they seem most upset and defeated when people counter them with love and the true spirit of Christianity.

I'll keep Jack and his parishioners in my thoughts this weekend, and hope that others come to stand by him and keep those who falsely lay claim to being Christian at bay.


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