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Good news this weekend: sales of my jewelry at Escapade were quite good last month, and I've already got a nice sales deposit in my PayPal account. Now, I just have to get off my butt and finish packing up stuff to get to Revelcon in time today.

I also need to complete my artshow application for Dragon*Con, and get in my dealer's table $'s for MediaWest. And decide about MidSouthCon as I got a "please please come back" email from the art show director.

Now, to only find the time...

Yesterday I threw together two "quick" lenses just to try to get a jump on some search topics. I actually saw people coming to my lens about my sweetie searching for information on "podiatry wall art and decor" - so what lens did I create? Podiatry Wall Art. Shameless commercialism? You betcha. Yet it's already been getting good traffic for a brand new lens. Perhaps I should do a whole niche on wall art for different professional offices...

I also started a lens in anticipation of the third season of MasterChef US. Yes, I got addicted to this series like crack last year. I seriously did contemplate applying for this time around - but then they had tryouts in DC and New York, and not in Philly or Baltimore which I both voted for when casting was asking for cities to host try outs. Oh well, maybe season 4? I need to work on my baking skills first anyway. But I figured now was a good time to get a season-specific lens started (and established) if the season will start airing this summer.
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Dear MediaWest*Con Dealers Room Shopper: It's nice that you heard "someone" in the dealers room was giving away their books for free. However, I am not that person. Please do not give me a dirty look and act all shocked as you stand there with a dozen of my books in your arms and I tell you they are a dollar each - just like the sign in front of them says.
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Safety is a prime concern after troubling news from this year's event in Atlanta, Georgia. Many attendees report being harassed by non-convention members, including a large number of LSU/NC football fans.

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Storm Troopers, Mad Hatters, Lady Gaga and More - Oh My! One of the highlights of Dragon*Con is the costumed parade through Downtown Atlanta. Check out some of the characters who were there.

see more pics...
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Are genre conventions a good fit for your arts and crafts? As an artist or crafter, you may not have considered exhibiting your work at scifi/fantasy cons before. Read on to learn more about this potential market for your work.

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Dragon*Con, held in Atlanta, Georgia over the Labor Day weekend, annually draws over 30,000 attendees. While the convention is tremendous fun, visitors should come prepared for the experience.

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One of the biggest media, comic, sci-fi/fantasy and anime conventions in the United States, Dragon*Con annually draws over 30,000 attendees. Who will be some of the biggest celebrity guest draws for 2010? Read on to find out.



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