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Note to self: Next time I begin a lens overhaul project, I'm going to take a before screencap so I can really show the changes I've made to (hopefully) improve the lens.

The last two days I've been working on re-doing my lens on BYOB Dining in Philadelphia. This was another one of my early lenses, kind of revamping some info I'd put in a previous article at Associated Content. Knowing Squidoo like I do now, there's not really much chance this is ever going to be a blockbuster lens - Tier 1 or even likely Tier 2. However, if I could get it to stay in Tier 3 I'd be happy, honestly, as that's still a little $$'s in the pocket at the end of the year. But it's been floundering in the 100,000s and 200,000s since I created it in March, so time to do something about it.

Besides revamping the intro text, I added a more thorough link-list of BYOB restaurants in Philadelphia, broken down by cuisine. Sometimes it's hard to find timely information on that subject, as I've found in Google searching a lot of other indexes were out of date with closed restaurants, or made it difficult to find the website URL for the restaurant.

I checked my traffic stats to see what search phrases were leading to the lens and tweaked some module titles - also added a bullet list to address the top questions that seem to come up about Philly BYOBs. I added a Twitter search module on Philadelphia BYOBs, so people could see which places are currently being talked about. I added a new sales module on current wine guides, especially small pocket-books that people could take with them while shopping for wine. I also worked on the sidebar, adding my related lenses and two Philly-area food blog rss feeds (including my own). I realized I only had 5 tags on the lens as well - oops! A couple more photos added and it's done. Well, for now. I know I have more BYOBs to add to the list, and I want to spruce up the photos once I get the chance to find or take some more related to the subject.


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