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...and perhaps a break from SquidU for a while.

I'm really not happy with the atmosphere there these days. There's so much sniping, griping, whining and (IMHO) over-moderation of posts that it isn't funny any more - nor is it particularly helpful to me as a lensmaster.

I know it's not really different from a lot of other internet forums, but still. It's not being productive to my efforts to do well on Squidoo and while I appreciate some of the useful info in Tricks of the Trade, I don't like the way we're both muzzled and yet also over-obsessed with criticizing HQ there at the moment. I think there's a definite hint in Tom Maybrier's blog post about how the vocal minority doesn't always represent the best intentions and needs of the silent majority, and that's what's going on way too much right now at SquidU IMHO. Note that yes, I was EXTREMELY vocal on SquidU and the HQ blog about recent confusing actions and contradictory statements regarding image copyright. Am I'm annoyed that I've posed specific questions to HQ members regarding issues on image copyright that have gone unanswered. But the current whining in the forums about the new plagiarism checker, and how it's flagging some lenses for copying & pasting Amazon descriptions, is really getting under my skin. I've yet to have any lens flagged - not saying it couldn't happen, but I just don't create those kinds of lenses myself that are just blindly promoting items I have no personal familiarity with nor ability to Write My Own Damn Recommendations for.


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