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Well, I did it - today I published my 100th lens on Squidoo. Given that I joined the site last February, I think that's a pretty good accomplishment for 11 months' time. I'm hoping that BY February, my monthly payouts will be at and/or regularly exceeding where I was at with Yahoo! Associated Content when I bailed on the site at that time last year. That means keeping at least 2 lenses in Tier 1 regularly and/or getting a lot more sales. We'll see how that goes - then then if I can hit my goal of earning at least $200/month from Squidoo in the not too distant future.

My latest lens - and the one before that - are both on the hot topic of downloadable coloring pages. Yes, for some reason this is one of the hottest topics on Squidoo - go figure. Of course, there's a lot of abuse there too, people hot linking to images and stealing copyright protected content. I'm trying to be 100% legit and just use my OWN artwork and photographs to generate my OWN coloring pages thru a very cool software program I found (and only cost $8). We'll see how that goes.

I've published 3 other lenses since the beginning of the year, so I guess 2012 is off to a good start. I just for some reason seem to be battling a case of the blahs since getting back from vacation a week ago. I know I should feel somewhat accomplished, doing 5 new lenses from scratch, but it just doesn't seem like enough. My mess of an office keeps haunting me, as I'm supposed to be working on organizing it and getting started on my 2011 books for taxes, gallery inventory, etc. I just can't find the energy for it. Perhaps it's the mid-Winder/post-Christmas blahs. I've also been wasting too much time still playing around with fanfic, which I always feel these days is such a "waste" of time since it's writing time I can't/won't get paid for! But when the creative bug hits, I hate to ignore it, too. I can go years without feeling inspired to write any fiction...and lately I've been pulling out old unfinished stories and realizing I should at least finish them off for sharing, because I miss that bit of fannish sharing.

Anyway. I'm rambling and punting work again so I should get back to it. Or at least making dinner.


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