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Are infertile people annoying?

In case you're wondering if I'm asking a serious question, I am. Well, you surely know how I stand on the matter but it often feels like society just wants infertile people to shut up and go away about our problems. In fact, I was even called "morally reprehensible" last night for wanting a biological child of my own (of course, I'd made the mistake of looking at the comments on the wonderful Huffington Post blog piece, What Are You, Barren? And then made the additional mistake of engaging in argument with a 19-year-old out to save the world by crushing one infertile's dream at a time, I guess...)

In any event, my latest piece on Squidoo takes the issue to task: Are infertiles annoying? What are the common arguments made as to such (and yes, these are all things I've heard and witnessed personally said.) What are the counter-arguments as to why-not? Where do you stand on the issue? I'd love to get some more people to actually engage in the debate with me.
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Get involved and take action to raise public awareness about infertility. National Infertility Awareness Week is an annual event, this year scheduled for April 24-30, 2011.

Read more: "5 Things You Can Do During National Infertility Awareness Week."
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Infertile? So what! Instead of spending all your time angsting about not being able to have a child, take the time to celebrate and remember the good things about being child-free, even if it wasn't your first choice in life.

Read more: "7 Reasons to Celebrate Infertility."


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