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What makes for an especially memorable concert? In this article, I list my Top 10 concerts and discuss what made each of them stand out from the crowd. Sometimes it was the music, sometimes it was the performer, sometimes it was the audience itself. What makes for a memorable concert to you?

Read on: My Top 10 Concert Experiences.
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The Pink Floyd guitarist has promised to show up for one performance of "The Wall Live" - but no one except Roger Waters and David Gilmour knows when.

Full article: "Roger Waters and David Gilmour to Reunite for 'Comfortably Numb' - but When?" by Nicole Pellegrini
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Summary of the legendary classic rock band's origins, music and history. How Pink Floyd came to be one of rock music's most important bands and the inspirations behind their classic albums.

Full article: "A Brief Introduction to Pink Floyd" by Nicole Pellegrini
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Re-examining arguably the greatest solo work by the former Pink Floyd songwriter. This 1992 release has not only retained much of its original cautionary power about war, greed and mass media but become even more relevant given the world we live in today.

Full article: "Amused to Death" by Roger Waters: An Album Retrospective by Nicole Pellegrini
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A retrospective of the November 8, 9 and 11, 2010 shows at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pink Floyd's classic album and incredible stage production wowed the crowds all week, thanks to Roger Waters' amazing performance.

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Pink Floyd's legendary album came to life in New York City in a stunning live production this month. Roger Waters' current production of The Wall is the concert tour not to be missed in 2010-2011.

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Pink Floyd's legendary album "The Wall" is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year. Primary songwriter Roger Waters has brought the amazing album and concert production back to life with stunning success.

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