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Last night I got my dealer's confirmation letter for Dragon*Con, which reminded me it was time to update my Dragon*Con page on Squidoo. I'd noticed it slowly creeping up in the rankings this month, which meant now that the holidays are past folks are starting to think and plan for this year's conventions again.

I had been disappointed the lens didn't even break into Tier 2 last year (it got close in August and September, as one might expect), so I'm hoping continued tweaks and updates, now that the lens is a bit "seasoned", will help this year. I think I still need to add some more click-outs perhaps to good convention reports from the past and the like. But I'm going to watch the search phrase traffic for a while and see what's really leading them in.

I also discovered one bone-headed mistake which was probably not helping - my primary tag had a spelling mistake! D'oh!!! This is why one can never just make a lens and forget about it - there's always SOMETHING you'll find a month (or more) down the line that needs to be fixed or improved upon...
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Is DragonCon on your event list for 2011? Haven't heard of it or unsure what Dragon*Con is all about?

Then check out my Survival Guide to Dragon*Con 2011. Here you'll find useful resources for Dragon*Con attendees, hotel information, local restaurant recommendations, as well as safety tips and photography from Dragon*Con's past.
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Safety is a prime concern after troubling news from this year's event in Atlanta, Georgia. Many attendees report being harassed by non-convention members, including a large number of LSU/NC football fans.

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Storm Troopers, Mad Hatters, Lady Gaga and More - Oh My! One of the highlights of Dragon*Con is the costumed parade through Downtown Atlanta. Check out some of the characters who were there.

see more pics...
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Klingons, Robots, Furries and Steampunks were all out in full force at last year's Dragon*Con convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Who will be seen in 2010? We'll find out in just a few more weeks...

more pics...
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Dragon*Con, held in Atlanta, Georgia over the Labor Day weekend, annually draws over 30,000 attendees. While the convention is tremendous fun, visitors should come prepared for the experience.

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One of the biggest media, comic, sci-fi/fantasy and anime conventions in the United States, Dragon*Con annually draws over 30,000 attendees. Who will be some of the biggest celebrity guest draws for 2010? Read on to find out.



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