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It's been a busy week or so with holiday preparations, work in the office, and trying to get my old gallery re-opened briefly for holiday sales. And that's meant driving to and from Philly just about every day and working until about 6:30 at night (then about an hour on the road home). Just exhausting. I don't know how people can do the commuting thing full time.

As such I haven't had a lot of time for Squidoo'ing and other writing, although I did get a short lens up today on updates to Weight Watchers Points Plus for 2012. There aren't major changes this time around since the Points overhaul this past year, but it will be interesting to see if it addresses some of the real issues people have been having with PP.

(Interesting to see, I've gotten over 500 responses to the survey I added to my previous WW article just a couple weeks ago. And only slightly above half of those 500 have said they're happy with PointsPlus.)

I have a couple other lenses in the works at the moment but I doubt I'll get to them until after Christmas. It looks as though three of my Christmas lenses this year have settled into Tier 2 for the month, which is nice to see - the most popular being the one on our Fontanini Nativity set. But a number of the others have done well saleswise the past 2 months - right now I've got about $87 in my pending pool, largely from all those new Christmas lenses. I hope these will end up "maturing" well for next holiday season and that I can tweak some of them to be better performers.

Beyond that, my Squidoo payday this month was not great, but I was expecting that as October was a pretty "meh" month for my lenses. Only 1 in Tier 2, no Tier 1, and 30 in Tier 3. It also wasn't a good month for sales. But, I spent most of that month working on building up my Christmas portfolio instead of actively promoting and trying to improve those other lenses. I do look forward to much better payouts come January and February 2012...


Dec. 8th, 2011 07:33 pm
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You know, I had a whole blog post in my head today while getting our Christmas Tree up. About how it's something I enjoy and yet it's also a chore because I get so depressed about not having a child to share the joy and excitement of Christmas with, and I spend the day wallowing in all my own childhood memories of Christmas past. So it almost becomes a burden and a trial to endure that gets me all worked up as much as I'm trying to make a tree for me and my sweetie to share, just us. And yet I feel like "why bother" when it's not like we have anyone else in the house, anyone coming by to see it.

But I realized I just don't have the energy or emotional strength beyond that to write it up now. Maybe after the holidays. Maybe.


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