Dear SVU ShipSwap Creator

Oct. 19th, 2017 10:57 am
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Thank you for writing or drawing something for me! Let me start off with my general likes and Do Not Wants, and then I'll give some specific prompts and ideas for my requested ships. Please know that if you have an idea of your own for one of these ships, go for it! (As long as it abides by my DNWs.) You might also want to look through my previous Dear Author letters as I tend to request many of the same ships over and over again. So any previously requested prompt would be more than welcome here.

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Dear Yuletide Author

Oct. 8th, 2017 09:03 pm
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Oh wow. It's been a few years since I've written one of these. All my fannish love had been going to fandoms much too big to grace Yuletide, but this year I actually have 3 tiny fandoms that I am crazy in love with. And you! You also love one of these fandoms! Or at least like it enough to be here reading this letter.

So basically, thank you. I guarantee I will be genuinely over the moon, no matter which fandom you write or what plot you choose. Seriously, you don't even have to use my prompts if there's something else you're really burning to write. I'll just be so happy there's one more fic in my tiny fandom.

My general likes are: good characterization and dialogue (consistent with the source material or at least a reasonable extrapolation); tenderness and intimacy (but not schmoop); writing that shows rather than tells; kissing and touching; humor and snark; moments of relief (that love is returned, that a loved one is alive, etc.). I tend to favor things on the lighter side (odd considering I have two war fandoms and one character that should be in hardcore grief counseling), but I also love angst and hurt that leads to some quality comfort.

Things that make me nope out of a fic: permanent death, infidelity, humiliation or second-hand embarrassment. Other than that, I don't have any particular triggers to worry about.

Regarding Smut: I like it in all forms, but I don't need it in a story. If you'd like to write it, go ahead and write whatever turns you on. If it doesn't turn you on, don't write it. I like everything from the most virginal vanilla lovemaking to the most kinky A/B/O gangbang. Basically, you can't offend me. Though the kinky A/B/O gangbang probably isn't appropriate for any of the fandoms I've chosen. UNLESS, like me, you were just struck by an urge for Omega!Collins, in which case, please proceed!


Collins, Farrier

Look, I'm going to be honest with you here: I went to Dunkirk for Harry Styles. I mean, I would have seen it anyway, because I'm a WWII buff, but fundamentally, Harry Styles. I was not expecting to end up with a massive Jack Lowden crush along the way. But here we are.

I would love any kind of story dealing with the relationship between Collins and Farrier. I totally slash them, but if you don't, feel free to stick with a brotherly dynamic. I'd like something centered around the War (pre-, during, or immediately post), no present-day AUs. However, I'd be utterly tickled by a wartime AU where same-sex love was totally normal and accepted, maybe even honored in the military (where a wingman can be like a shieldmate). Not a necessity, but feel free to go that way if that tickles your fancy as well.

Some prompts for your inspirational convenience:
* Something when they first meet when Collins joins the squadron before the war starts. Maybe they're a little prickly at first, being very different personalities and backgrounds, but they can't seem to stop dancing around each other. Eventually they realize they're both men for men and one of them decides to court the other amid the chaos of the oncoming war.
* Farrier escapes the enemy and makes his way back home, maybe in time to fight with Collins in the Battle of Britain, or maybe arriving just after and fearing what he'll find.
* Either before Dunkirk or later in the war, one of them gets shot down and the other is sure that they didn't make it (but of course they did)
* A series of times they flew together, on patrol or in battle.

DNW: no death, please! Assumed death for the sake of angst is just fine, as long as it has the comfort payoff. And please no pairing them with other people, whether or not you write them as lovers.

Dunkirk-specific likes: I adore dogfight scenes where you can feel the adrenaline rush. Out of all the various first names I've seen for Collins in fic, my favorite is Ainsley (no preference for Farrier's). I'd be happy to see any of the other Dunkirk characters around as secondary characters, as long as there's a logical reason for them to be there. For the record, I also adore Tommy/Alex as a pairing, so if for whatever reason the Collins/Farrier isn't floating your boat, I would also be perfectly happy with a Tommy/Alex story (not that the two of them have a great record with floating boats).

The Charioteer
Ralph Lanyon, Laurie Odell

When I got obsessed with Dunkirk, I remembered that one of my old favorite Mary Renault books was actually set right after Dunkirk. So I decided to re-read it and tumbled right back down the rabbit hole, harder than ever. I am completely obsessed and fascinated with Ralph and Laurie as individual characters and as a couple.

Some prompts for your inspirational convenience:
* An AU where Ralph doesn't start anything with Hazell. He and Laurie become closer while still at school and become lovers long before Dunkirk.
* Anything set soon after the end of the book as they try to get their relationship on solid ground amid the chaos of war.
* Something exploring Ralph's POV at the end of the book. How did he end up so close to suicide? What did he feel when he walked into his flat and saw Laurie there? The final words of the book imply that they were able to finally stop fighting all the things driving them and rest together - but how did that look, the rest of that night? (alternatively: Alec's POV as he figures out what's going on, sends Laurie to Ralph, and then waits to discover the outcome)
* Or Ralph's POV during the infamous party scene - how he felt when he first saw Laurie alive and well, all the pushes and pulls he must have felt during those hours, dealing with everything going on at the party, longing for Laurie but still so unsure of him, trying to get his own head together while also managing everyone else.

DNW: no death, no infidelity, no Andrew (unless it's a scene of him meeting the real Ralph, but please no lingering romantic feelings to/from Laurie). Beyond the level of the books, no feckless or submissive Laurie or domineering or condescending Ralph.

Charioteer-specific likes: I love Laurie and Ralph as equal partners, each bringing their own strengths to the relationship. I love Laurie learning to take care of Ralph as much as Ralph takes care of him, and Ralph learning to allow and enjoy it. I love Laurie learning how he wants to define himself as a queer man and figuring out how he fits into that world on his own terms. I really like Alec as a side character, and I'm fond of Sandy as well (if you include him, please don't treat him poorly! he's capable of growth, too!). I also wouldn't mind Bunny popping back into the scene, if you think of something interesting to do with him - particularly interacting with a Laurie more confident in himself and Ralph's love. I also love outsider POVs on their relationship.

Lethal Weapon
Trish Murtaugh, Roger Murtaugh, Martin Riggs, Brooks Avery

This is my little stealth fandom that no one else seems to love! I adore this show and all the characters and their relationships. The Riggs/Murtaugh relationship is the absolute perfect slashy bromance -- I'd love a story focusing on that relationship whether it's platonic bros or bickering lovers. Either way, though, Trish needs to be fully aware and involved, because I love her and her relationship with Roger. I guess what I really want is to see Riggs getting semi-reluctantly absorbed into the Murtaugh family. I also tagged Captain Avery here because he is so long-sufferingly awesome and I would be so happy if he were involved as a major character dealing with his brilliant asshole cops.

Some prompts for your inspirational convenience:
* Riggs and Murtaugh trying to cope with their first family Christmas, possibly including some criminal hijinx that keep pulling them away from the eggnog
* Murtaugh has a near-death experience (another heart attack, shot, whatever) and gets to talk to Miranda Riggs before he's brought back
* One of them gets kidnapped and the other works with Captain Avery to rescue him in time.

DNW: no death (real death, assumed death for the sake of angst is A-okay!), no infidelity (polyamory in any configuration is also A-okay!)

LW-specific likes: show-level banter, all the side characters (but maybe less of Jordana Brewster as the Worst Psychologist Ever, unless it's for amusing therapy sessions which would be awesome), the awesomeness of the Murtaugh family, those moments when Murtaugh proves he's just as crazy as Riggs, outsider POVs on their relationship


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