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March continued to be an insanely busy month right up until the end due to a lot of personal stuff best not discussed publicly here :) (Nothing bad, just things under contract which hopefully will all go well.) So I'm glad I did the bulk of my Squidoo writing work at the beginning of the month. I just updated my 10 Most Recent Lenses page and am pretty satisfied with getting 7 new lenses created for the month, along with doing a lot of maintenance and updating on some older ones.

I have several lenses in my WIP queue I really hope to complete in April, but I also plan on doing a lot of work and promotion of my lenses related to Infertility Awareness as National Infertility Awareness Week is quickly approaching. (Of course nothing would make me happier than seeing my NIAW lens get a Lens of the Day spotlight during the week, but I know that's a pretty far-fetched possibility. Still, it would be nice, as I remember how upsetting it was to me that last year NIAW coincided with the week Squidoo decided to spotlight "RocketMoms" every day for LOTD. Oh, the irony...)

Date: 2012-04-04 02:30 am (UTC)
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Let me know when to like the lens to help boost you, and I will.


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