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...and perhaps a break from SquidU for a while.

I'm really not happy with the atmosphere there these days. There's so much sniping, griping, whining and (IMHO) over-moderation of posts that it isn't funny any more - nor is it particularly helpful to me as a lensmaster.

I know it's not really different from a lot of other internet forums, but still. It's not being productive to my efforts to do well on Squidoo and while I appreciate some of the useful info in Tricks of the Trade, I don't like the way we're both muzzled and yet also over-obsessed with criticizing HQ there at the moment. I think there's a definite hint in Tom Maybrier's blog post about how the vocal minority doesn't always represent the best intentions and needs of the silent majority, and that's what's going on way too much right now at SquidU IMHO. Note that yes, I was EXTREMELY vocal on SquidU and the HQ blog about recent confusing actions and contradictory statements regarding image copyright. Am I'm annoyed that I've posed specific questions to HQ members regarding issues on image copyright that have gone unanswered. But the current whining in the forums about the new plagiarism checker, and how it's flagging some lenses for copying & pasting Amazon descriptions, is really getting under my skin. I've yet to have any lens flagged - not saying it couldn't happen, but I just don't create those kinds of lenses myself that are just blindly promoting items I have no personal familiarity with nor ability to Write My Own Damn Recommendations for.
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March continued to be an insanely busy month right up until the end due to a lot of personal stuff best not discussed publicly here :) (Nothing bad, just things under contract which hopefully will all go well.) So I'm glad I did the bulk of my Squidoo writing work at the beginning of the month. I just updated my 10 Most Recent Lenses page and am pretty satisfied with getting 7 new lenses created for the month, along with doing a lot of maintenance and updating on some older ones.

I have several lenses in my WIP queue I really hope to complete in April, but I also plan on doing a lot of work and promotion of my lenses related to Infertility Awareness as National Infertility Awareness Week is quickly approaching. (Of course nothing would make me happier than seeing my NIAW lens get a Lens of the Day spotlight during the week, but I know that's a pretty far-fetched possibility. Still, it would be nice, as I remember how upsetting it was to me that last year NIAW coincided with the week Squidoo decided to spotlight "RocketMoms" every day for LOTD. Oh, the irony...)
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It's been a very busy few weeks, so I'll have to talk about some things more in-depth later when I have the chance. But I had a couple quick things to mention this Sunday morning...

1. I am now a Mammoth Squid! I waited cautiously until I had 120 lenses before apply to the Giant Squid 100 Level club, and apparently sailed through the application easily. The next stage is Giant Squid 250...oy. If I average even 10 lenses a month - fairly highly productive for me - I'm at least a year away from that "upgrade" yet. So I guess I won't stress about it.

2. I dashed together a quick new webpage this morning, Sockii on the Web, which is exactly what the name applies. I figured it was well past time to try to have a central listing/link page for all my different websites, blogs, content sites, etc. Of course it's not complete yet, but so far so good.

3. I had a great time last night at a concert in Vineland NJ seeing the Beatles tribute band American English. It's the first time I've seen a Beatles tribute act that tried to do it all "in costume", not just recreating the music. Rather interesting, I'll have to write a review in more detail later. I do have a new Beatles Survey up on Squidoo if you're a fan and would like to add your thoughts and opinions to the mix. And next weekend I am hopefully going to be checking out my first Beatles convention, The Fest for Beatles Fans. I have been dying to check out this show for several years but it's looking like scheduling will be on my side at last. I'm sure that will make some great fodder for a new lens as well!

4. Its curious to me to watch right now as one of my "sleeper" lenses has just broken in to Tier 2 after slowly creeping up the ranks the past few months, with very little tweaking and work on my part except building a few backlinks. It's my lens on Garlic Intolerance and Allergy. I can't figure it out except I hit on some good keywords and it's getting decent clickouts to the information sites and articles I linked to...yet it definitely has taken time to build. Right now it's ranking in the 8,800s, and here's how long it took to get there:

Date - #Rank - Visits
Jul 2011 - 543,982 - 8
Aug 2011 - 128,302 - 41
Sep 2011 - 120,793 - 21
Oct 2011 - 95,521 - 31
Nov 2011 - 123,342 - 22
Dec 2011 - 85,448 - 41
Jan 2012 - 72,274 - 82
Feb 2012 - 31,556 - 202
Mar 2012 - 14,528 - 243

Just goes to show - never get discouraged if a lens isn't a blockbuster right out of the gates. Sometimes it just can take a while to build and for Google to start picking up on your lens. Either that or a lot more people are suddenly suspecting they have a garlic allergy or intolerance and are desperately looking for info!
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I'll just give my answers here because I'm tired of head-desking in frustration.

"If I took a quick picture of my kid's toy, why am I crediting?"

Because it adds credibility that you actually have personal experience with the item you're reviewing, writing about, promoting, etc.

"If I draw something, why am I crediting?"

Um, because it's YOUR HARD WORK and I should think you'd want to take credit for that. I sure as heck don't put any of my art or drawings out there without stating that it's my work. I honestly don't understand NOT DOING THIS.

"If I paid out cash to use a stock photo that didn't require credit slapped all over it, why am I crediting?"

Because a lot of people abuse stock image sites. Fact of internet life these days. They don't pay, yet they use an image (even just a thumbnail if they can't download the full-size version without watermarks) and there's no way to tell if they bought it or are stealing it. Perhaps they're even stealing the full-size version from someone ELSE who paid for the rights to use that image on ANOTHER website.

"If an image is absolutely positively in the public domain or cannot be copyrighted for various reasons, why am I crediting?"

Because not everyone KNOWS it's "absolutely positively" in the public domain - I mean, how precisely do YOU even know? There are a lot of images on Flickr and Wikimedia Commons claimed to be Public Domain that aren't or have dubious rights. I've seen a lot of publicity photos for actors and rock bands scanned in and uploaded to Flickr and called "Public domain" when they sure as hell aren't.

Once more, I fail to comprehend WHY PROVIDING IMAGE CREDITS IS SO AWFUL AND TERRIBLE A BURDEN. I see nothing but benefits in doing so...and a lot of potential negative in not crediting.

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Okay, so the debate, whining and arguments about proper image usage on Squidoo rages on (and probably will forever until HQ cleans up and clarifies its policies). Today's latest entry into the kerfluffle: If an image is free and clear for use (public domain, your own work, or from a free image source like morguefile), why "waste valuable space" on a lens including image credits if you don't have to?

Let me tell you why.

1. HQ is at least starting to ask for image credits to be included on Quests for front page placement. Certainly this is the result of several recent Lenses of the Day coming in to question because of their dubious image sourcing (one was flat out taken down last week before the day was out). I'm not thrilled that they're only requiring credits, not checking that the images are free and legal to use, but it's a start. So if you want to see your lens get extra traffic from being on the Squidoo entry page? Credit your photos.

2. Credits are a way to easily get click-outs. Click-outs are good. Click-outs boost your lens rank. If you're using a photo from morguefile, wikimedia commons, or any other site, why not include a small image credit with a link out to the source file? Some people might want to see the image in original/full resolution, or check out more of the photographer's other work.

3. Credits prove you are working with the system. Many Squid Angels (like myself) are diligent about only blessing lenses if we can see clear, hard evidence that any/all images on the lens are legally allowed. And sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between a great personal photo, a great photo from morguefile, or a completely copyrighted photo that isn't supposed to be used on a commercial site like Squidoo. So why not make it easier for us, if you want the lens rank boost of a blessing? Even non-Angels may only "Like" lenses or share them around if they are sure the lens is following legal image usage.

4. If a photo is your own work, why not brag about it! If you're using your own photography on a lens, tell the world! Who knows, someone might like your work well enough to commission you or pay you to use your photography on another website or for other purposes.

5. Ease of future editing. Say you've uploaded an image to a module after grabbing it (legally I hope) somewhere on line. A few months later you want to reformat the image/crop it/enhance it/answer a question about its origin and original photographer. Or maybe there's a system bug/crash that loses your original image upload. By including a credit/link when originally adding it to a lens, you save yourself the trouble of having to hunt down the source of that image again in the future.

6. It's just good etiquette and polite. Whenever I see or hear someone whining about having to provide image credits on a lens, I wonder if they aren't protesting too much. Yes, it takes a few seconds extra work. But even if you don't HAVE to credit someone for using their photography, isn't it a nice thing to do? Good karma, people.
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This morning I started on some long overdue updates to John Glover's official website. I started out planning on just getting the latest up about his current appearance in a major revival of Death of a Salesman in New York. But as I started working on that, I realized just how out-of-date the whole design of the site is, and how I want to work on fixing that in the future. And a lot of that realization is thanks to my work on creating Squidoo lenses in the past year.

I admit, Squidoo has seriously spoiled me in some ways. It's so easy to add modules to a page that update daily with things like RSS feeds, Google news, ebay listings, Amazon products, etc. And that's what people want from the web today, and truly expect: frequent updates, the latest news, the shopping links they're looking for, at their fingertips. I was truly frustrated I couldn't easily add some of the features I have on my Squidoo lens for John to his very own official website!

Well, I'm dedicated to working on it now. I have a lot of plans for changes to the website which I'm slowly going to begin implementing, even though my web knowledge is seriously stuck back in the html days and css generally makes me go cross-eyed. But I know now thanks to Squidoo a lot of features I CAN add, and I've already majorly revised the site's main page today. What did I do? Pushed more info "above the fold"--lots of empty space and long scrolling is SO 90's web design! I double-columned the news so I could add the Facebook FanPage widget (as the FB page has been great for promoting John's work), at least one active news feed from a celebrity-related site, and a navigation bar at the bottom as well as the top of the page. Although I'm not looking to add advertising to the site, I will be adding Amazon product links or perhaps build a "shopping gallery" page for those searching for John's movies on DVD, audiobooks and other memorabilia.

Anyway, it was an interesting realization for me today. While a lot of people talk about Squidoo like it's a place for "dummies" to build webpages without having to know much of any html or css, it can teach you a lot about what makes for GOOD webdesign in today's environment. And it's time I start taking some of those lessons to heart in how I put together my non-Squidoo sites.
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This started out as a forum response, but I decided I was getting too long-winded and would rather blog about it :)

I keep hearing about how hard it is to find legal images you can use on your Squidoo lenses and that's why there's so much trademark and copyright abuse. I disagree. Yes, it takes a little more time and effort (which is why the scammers won't do it), but there are plenty of great ways to find attractive images for your pages without doing so in a questionable or downright violating fashion.

This is basically my 10-step "Elimination Process" when I'm personally looking for images to use on one of my lenses:

1. Take my own damn photos. Nothing is more personal and unique than photos you take yourself! When I cook something I might want to write about, I photograph it step by step. Go to a concert? Take photos. Travel somewhere? I take photos. Eat at a great restaurant? Photograph the food. I have a library of easily about 10,000 photos now on just about any topic I want to write about. Sure I'm not a professional photographer, but quite often a simple iphone snapshot can do the job just fine. That's all I used on my How to Make Pizza lens.

2. AllPosters. As an AllPosters affiliate, I can use poster images of all kinds on my lenses - provided they link back to the product for sale. Plus I can earn money if someone buys the poster! AllPosters have everything from celebrity pics to movie posters to classical art and much more. When I can, I like to mix together AllPosters images with my own photos, like I did for my Duran Duran survey. It's hard NOT to be able to find something appropriate at AllPosters, so why not become an affiliate yourself?

Webmasters Make $$$
Webmasters Make $$$

3. Amazon. Selling Amazon products is a great way to make money with Squidoo, whether you have your own affiliate account or use the Squidoo Amazon affiliate program. And if you're selling an Amazon product on your lens, you can use their photos of it (like I did when I was trying to find a legal MasterChef image to use...)

4. Morguefile. Don't let the name turn you off. Morguefile is absolutely my FAVORITE place to search for general-type images of people, food, places, ideas...just about anything that's not celebrity-related. Morguefile photos are free to use commercially (as long as you're not just repackaging them without modification) so they're absolutely perfect for a lot of lenses. If you look at my Weight Watchers Points Plus 2012 lens, all of those photos are from morguefile and showcase some of the variety that's available.

5. Ask a friend. I have a few friends who are awesome photographers. And if I explained exactly how I was going to use their photos (yes, commercially), with full credit, I've been lucky to be given permission to do so. So if you see photos on Flickr or elsewhere by someone that would be perfect for your lens, but you're not sure about the usage rights? Why not ask them? Yes, they might say no. But they could say yes as well and everyone goes home happy. My Foo Fighters Survey lens wouldn't be the same without the awesome photos used by permission from [personal profile] cat_wolf.

6. Check for digital press kits/allowed for commercial use images. Some artists, bands, celebrities and events will have digital press kits on their websites where its clearly stated the images can be used for promotion, reviews, news reports, etc. Just be very careful to read the fine print. For my Dragon*Con Guide I downloaded the logo direct from their media center/press kit.

7. Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia can be a good source for things like classical art images, nature photography, animals and more. However, I still try to be careful about using Wikimedia images because since they are user-uploaded, there sometimes can be questions about their legality and usage rights. But it can be impressive what you can find here.

8. Other commercial websites if you're reviewing their products/selling them. This I try to be careful with, but it is generally considered acceptable to use product images if you are reviewing them. I always try to find the product first via Amazon (so I can get a sales commission!) but in a few cases I'll go this route with no other option available. Certainly if you're promoting items for sale in your own CafePress store, you can use images of them - and you should!

9. Flickr public domain and Creative Commons (with commercial use) images. In a near last resort, I'll search Flickr for photos that allow for commercial use elsewhere. However, just like with Wikimedia Commons, you have to be careful that the person who uploaded the image really had the rights to do so. I've seen album covers, posters, publicity photos and similar clearly copyright protected images labeled incorrectly as "public domain" on Flickr before. So user beware.

10. ClipArt collections on-line. This is sort of a last-resort for me but one I'll sometimes use, like on my Garlic Intolerance lens. Finding GOOD clip art can be difficult - and being sure the clip art is truly public domain even harder. So I only use one or two clip art sites and collections that I believe I can trust.

Now, if I get past #10 on the above list and STILL can't find the type of images I think I need for a lens? Then I start to question whether it's really a good subject to build a lens ABOUT - at least not until I can find, create or photograph the right kind of images to use for it.
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Well, I just spent a half hour reporting about a half-dozen "pregnancy miracle cure" lenses for clear abuse of SquidDon't policy.


It's so frustrating when the "Fertility Concerns" section of Squidoo is full of such junk. Not only are they violating TOS but they're outright offensive and potentially harmful to people suffering from a real disease where there is no such thing as a miracle cure.

I mean, I really want to know how some shady drug product or acupuncture is going to grow back my surgically removed ovary.
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Good news this weekend: sales of my jewelry at Escapade were quite good last month, and I've already got a nice sales deposit in my PayPal account. Now, I just have to get off my butt and finish packing up stuff to get to Revelcon in time today.

I also need to complete my artshow application for Dragon*Con, and get in my dealer's table $'s for MediaWest. And decide about MidSouthCon as I got a "please please come back" email from the art show director.

Now, to only find the time...

Yesterday I threw together two "quick" lenses just to try to get a jump on some search topics. I actually saw people coming to my lens about my sweetie searching for information on "podiatry wall art and decor" - so what lens did I create? Podiatry Wall Art. Shameless commercialism? You betcha. Yet it's already been getting good traffic for a brand new lens. Perhaps I should do a whole niche on wall art for different professional offices...

I also started a lens in anticipation of the third season of MasterChef US. Yes, I got addicted to this series like crack last year. I seriously did contemplate applying for this time around - but then they had tryouts in DC and New York, and not in Philly or Baltimore which I both voted for when casting was asking for cities to host try outs. Oh well, maybe season 4? I need to work on my baking skills first anyway. But I figured now was a good time to get a season-specific lens started (and established) if the season will start airing this summer.
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Those who know me fairly well, know that I've used "sockii" as my on-line pseudonym since...almost the first days that I was active in on-line communities in the mid-1990s. In particular, I've used it since I first opened Sockii's A-Team Homepage going back to 1995, and when I launched Sockii Press that same year to publish fanzines - and later registered the SockiiPress domain for web hosting. So I'm pretty darn attached to the name; people call me by it in real life at fannish gatherings, conventions, on multitudes of messageboards and websites - hell, I had it shouted at me by Stewart Copeland at a Police concert once!

Now, being a web writer/artist/etc interested in search engine ranking (as most of us are), I pretty regularly vanity search both my real name and sockii to see what comes up if, say, random web user looks me up. And recently when I did this for sockii, I became a bit bummed to see that there's apparently some mobile app developer in Australia by the name of Sockii now.

I guess mostly I'm kicking myself for never registering as a domain for myself...but I'm thinking of grabbing and/or just for the heck of it at this point (if not already reserved). I also have a slight bit of concern wondering if these other Sockii people - even if they only seemed to get started in 2011 - would ever give ME hassle for the name I've been using for now over 15 years as my own "brand identity"?

Hmm. I wonder if it's getting any legal advice on the matter, just to be on the safe side...
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Seriously one of the most useful things about Squidoo's Dashboard controls to me are the detailed (and updated all day) traffic and search stats for individual lenses. Not only is it very helpful to see what is leading people to one of my lenses (so I can add content, adjust module titles and content accordingly), but sometimes it's just terribly amusing.

For instance, I was wondering why traffic spiked a bit to my little Stewart Copeland fan page last night - but then my SO texted me that his appearance on Storage Wars had just re-aired on A&E. People immediately seem to run to Google to look up how Barry Weiss knows Stewart every time it pops up again on tv. Of course, I also saw that I'm starting to get traffic for people looking for information on Stewart's upcoming summer tour with Stanley Clarke. I'll have to keep on top of that news topic then until and up through the summer.

Another one that's been amusing me is the search traffic to my Taylor Hawkins fan page. While it got a good boost from home page placement last week, it still has been getting ok google hits, but very little related to Taylor's actual drumming. No, as of right now these are the top search terms for the last week leading to the lens:

taylor hawkins overdose
taylor hawkins wife
can taylor hawkins wife song
who else did the foo fighters drummer play for
taylor hawkins google
how did foo fighters meet their wives
taylor hawkins daughter
taylor hawkins health problems
alison hawkins foo fighters is from allentown
taylor hawkins t shirt grammys
alison hawkins taylor hawkins wife

So basically, people are nosy about his wife and children (which I don't have much content about except the wife's name and that he has two kids - I don't DO nosy celebrity gossip) and his overdose from many years back (still).

If I go back and search for the month, there are a ton of search phrases asking what t-shirt Taylor wore at the Grammys. Darn it, I should have been following that more closely and maybe found out and thrown a product link up!

Well, it's all just very amusing and interesting to me, sometimes.
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So I've already got a jump on a new lens about National Infertility Awareness Week. I've done several on infertility awareness before, but wanted to make one focused specifically on this important annual campaign.

RESOLVE recently announced that the theme for this year will be "Don't Ignore Infertility", and I think that should be a very interesting one to see play out. I'm going to try to participate in the Bloggers Unite campaign this time around, so I'm already starting to contemplate drafting out an entry (or two...)
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It's been a busy month despite the near radio silence around here. What have I been up to?

Well, a few new lenses (which I'll talk about when I update my 10 Most Recent at the beginning of March). But mostly it's been about tweaking, promoting and link building elsewhere. I'm trying to get back to updating my food blog more regularly. I've been doing a lot of lens check-ups in preparation for applying for Giant Squid 100 Level next month.

I've also been aggravatingly busy working on replacing all of my Featured Lens modules with direct links after reading this forum thread. It's aggravating to realize that none of those modules were doing a darn thing for link building and I've got to revise them on every. single. one. of my lenses. However, I know it will be worth the effort. Plus, it meant I finally have created a handy spreadsheet of all my lenses, urls, title images and introductory blurbs for easy link building on the fly. So it's a time investment that that should make life a lot easier in the future.

I also opened a CafePress shop for my artwork and related merchandise. I'm still adding artwork and designs, but it's a start. So yeah, busy February. And I'm sure I've forgotten something...!
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There's been a lot of snarky and somewhat passive-aggressive discussion over at SquidU about Squid Angel blessings lately. At least I see it as snarky and passive-aggressive, ever since one of Squidoo's most active angels unlocked a new trophy for number of blessings given.

I'm of mixed minds about the whole thing. I get that some people feel blessings are these days devalued because some angels seem to give them away "too freely". And if you don't think there's a lot of unwritten "bless-me-and-I'll-bless-you" going around, then you're damn naive. The day I announced happily that I'd been accepted into the Squid Angel program, I was bombarded with Likes and Blessings from all different people on Squidoo, many I'd never heard of or interacted with before. And I often see that near immediate bless-back when I do give a blessing on a lens - a lens I think is deserving, because that's the only time I'll give a blessing.

However, I think some people are taking a very holier-than-thou attitude about how exclusive they are about their blessings, and of course how their superior standards should be the ones set by all Squid Angels (implied in their comments if not outright states as such.) Squidoo gives us very, very vague instructions on how to be an Angel; there are no set guidelines on what should and shouldn't qualify for a blessing. Therefore? Each Angel is going to have a different set of standards, and I don't think the community should set about "policing" what other Angels do or don't bless.

My standards for blessing are pretty much:

1. All images should be properly credited AND legal to use.
2. The text should appear to be original - I will check if I have any suspicions otherwise but I'm not going to run each and every paragraph through a plagiarism checker.
3. It should have some interesting content beyond being a pure sales-pitch lens.
4. Basic Squidoo do's followed of having an original bio and author's photo, no default module titles.
5. Basic grammar/spelling rules followed. A few typos, no problem, but not every other sentence.

That's basically it. It doesn't have to be Purple Star worthy or LotD material. And if it's a newer lensmaster? I'm likely to be a little more generous with the blessings if I feel the person is deserving of encouragement to get better - but if I see major issues I'm likely to not even "Like" a lens, let alone bless it. No matter if that person has given me blessings or likes before.

Some days I might only give 1 or 2 blessings. Other days none. Other days maybe 5 or 10 if I feel motivated, find a lot of quality lenses, etc. But I just don't like the air of comparison and "I'm a better Squid Angel than you" going around on the forum right now. Being an Angel IS something that can reward you with more likes and blessings, absolutely. And if you want to be a successful lensmaster, you take advantage of the opportunities that are there to improve your chances of success. The nice thing with the Squid Angel program is that comes through helping boost the chances of success for others at the same time.
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Just updated by 10 Most Recent Lenses Page for January - and it's actually a misnomer this month as somehow I got *11* new lenses published! Talk about being busy! I managed to get 3 in under the wire yesterday before exhaustion sunk in.

Now it's time to go back to some older lenses for updating work this month, although I'd like to get at least a few new ones published this month as well. Goodness knows I can rarely stop myself...
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It's the last day of the month, which means time to panic and see how many of my WIP lenses on Squidoo I can finally get published today (so that they can start ranking and earning next month). I've already got a new music survey finished up - The Ultimate Duran Duran Survey - but I've got at least 2 if not 3 more I'd like to get done if I can.

Thankfully I have a nice quiet day at home after a busy past week to try to devote to nothing but Squidoo. I really want to get up to about 110 lenses or so before applying for 100 level Giant Squid, just to have some "buffer room". And I want to make it to that goal by the end of February - so time to get to it!


Jan. 26th, 2012 04:48 pm
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I published my London lens less than 2 weeks ago and it just got awarded a Purple Star! I can't believe it!

That's my 6th Purple Star but I've never received one so quickly before. It's such a huge confidence boost, I cannot tell you right now.


Jan. 25th, 2012 01:14 pm
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You know, I do like heading to the Squidoo Critique Me board and trying to help out new lensmasters when I can. I got a lot of good advice there when I was starting out, not just on my own lenses but in reading the advice being given to others.

I'm just getting so, so frustrated that I feel like I just need a "script" to keep explaining to newbies that

- No, you CAN'T just copy and paste text from other websites such as wikipedia and
- No, just because you found an image on Facebook/Google search/any other website that it's free for you to use.

Yes, it makes building lenses harder because *GASP!* you might actually have to do some work! You know, like WRITE YOUR OWN TEXT. TAKE YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPHS. Spend a few minutes LOOKING for images that ARE free for commercial use.

The kicker is really when someone link-drops into one of my guestbooks - with a lens that's completely full of stolen text and images. I'll give someone who posts to Critique Me! some time to learn and adjust their lenses before reporting to abuse. But if you're spamming me AND your lens is clearly violating the TOS in multiple ways? Then reporting I will do.

Because competition for Tier payment is stiff enough these days. Top tier payments should not be going to lazy thieves, I don't care how much you whine about how "other people are doing it".
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Last night I got my dealer's confirmation letter for Dragon*Con, which reminded me it was time to update my Dragon*Con page on Squidoo. I'd noticed it slowly creeping up in the rankings this month, which meant now that the holidays are past folks are starting to think and plan for this year's conventions again.

I had been disappointed the lens didn't even break into Tier 2 last year (it got close in August and September, as one might expect), so I'm hoping continued tweaks and updates, now that the lens is a bit "seasoned", will help this year. I think I still need to add some more click-outs perhaps to good convention reports from the past and the like. But I'm going to watch the search phrase traffic for a while and see what's really leading them in.

I also discovered one bone-headed mistake which was probably not helping - my primary tag had a spelling mistake! D'oh!!! This is why one can never just make a lens and forget about it - there's always SOMETHING you'll find a month (or more) down the line that needs to be fixed or improved upon...
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I really should create a lens for it, I really should.

I noticed my Stewart Copeland lens getting quite a spike in hits the past couple days, after I did a few minor tweaks updating the news section and throwing in a link to buying/downloading his appearance on Storage Wars helping Barry Weiss with a drum set. (I freakin' love Barry so him + Stewart was just epic.) Now tonight I check my search stats for the page, and what are people looking for on Google that's taking them to my lens?

does barry weiss really know stewart copland%3f
did barry weiss ever sell his drums
barry weiss knows stewart copeland
drums for sale with the police signature
what cymbal did stewart copeland buy from barry
hiw does barry weiss know stuart
how does barry weiss know stuart copeland

Not gonna lie I LOL'ed. I also want to see if I can find out the answers to some of those questions, since people really seem to want to know!


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