Feb. 27th, 2012

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It's been a busy month despite the near radio silence around here. What have I been up to?

Well, a few new lenses (which I'll talk about when I update my 10 Most Recent at the beginning of March). But mostly it's been about tweaking, promoting and link building elsewhere. I'm trying to get back to updating my food blog more regularly. I've been doing a lot of lens check-ups in preparation for applying for Giant Squid 100 Level next month.

I've also been aggravatingly busy working on replacing all of my Featured Lens modules with direct links after reading this forum thread. It's aggravating to realize that none of those modules were doing a darn thing for link building and I've got to revise them on every. single. one. of my lenses. However, I know it will be worth the effort. Plus, it meant I finally have created a handy spreadsheet of all my lenses, urls, title images and introductory blurbs for easy link building on the fly. So it's a time investment that that should make life a lot easier in the future.

I also opened a CafePress shop for my artwork and related merchandise. I'm still adding artwork and designs, but it's a start. So yeah, busy February. And I'm sure I've forgotten something...!


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