Feb. 4th, 2012

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There's been a lot of snarky and somewhat passive-aggressive discussion over at SquidU about Squid Angel blessings lately. At least I see it as snarky and passive-aggressive, ever since one of Squidoo's most active angels unlocked a new trophy for number of blessings given.

I'm of mixed minds about the whole thing. I get that some people feel blessings are these days devalued because some angels seem to give them away "too freely". And if you don't think there's a lot of unwritten "bless-me-and-I'll-bless-you" going around, then you're damn naive. The day I announced happily that I'd been accepted into the Squid Angel program, I was bombarded with Likes and Blessings from all different people on Squidoo, many I'd never heard of or interacted with before. And I often see that near immediate bless-back when I do give a blessing on a lens - a lens I think is deserving, because that's the only time I'll give a blessing.

However, I think some people are taking a very holier-than-thou attitude about how exclusive they are about their blessings, and of course how their superior standards should be the ones set by all Squid Angels (implied in their comments if not outright states as such.) Squidoo gives us very, very vague instructions on how to be an Angel; there are no set guidelines on what should and shouldn't qualify for a blessing. Therefore? Each Angel is going to have a different set of standards, and I don't think the community should set about "policing" what other Angels do or don't bless.

My standards for blessing are pretty much:

1. All images should be properly credited AND legal to use.
2. The text should appear to be original - I will check if I have any suspicions otherwise but I'm not going to run each and every paragraph through a plagiarism checker.
3. It should have some interesting content beyond being a pure sales-pitch lens.
4. Basic Squidoo do's followed of having an original bio and author's photo, no default module titles.
5. Basic grammar/spelling rules followed. A few typos, no problem, but not every other sentence.

That's basically it. It doesn't have to be Purple Star worthy or LotD material. And if it's a newer lensmaster? I'm likely to be a little more generous with the blessings if I feel the person is deserving of encouragement to get better - but if I see major issues I'm likely to not even "Like" a lens, let alone bless it. No matter if that person has given me blessings or likes before.

Some days I might only give 1 or 2 blessings. Other days none. Other days maybe 5 or 10 if I feel motivated, find a lot of quality lenses, etc. But I just don't like the air of comparison and "I'm a better Squid Angel than you" going around on the forum right now. Being an Angel IS something that can reward you with more likes and blessings, absolutely. And if you want to be a successful lensmaster, you take advantage of the opportunities that are there to improve your chances of success. The nice thing with the Squid Angel program is that comes through helping boost the chances of success for others at the same time.


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