Jan. 1st, 2012

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Happy New Year to all! I know I've been quiet in these parts of late, due to the holidays and all of that. I also took a bit of a mini-Squidoo break for the second half of December as I had too much work to do and wanted to recharge the batteries a bit before the new year. I'm afraid that might've hurt some of my Holiday Lens Niche when I should have been actively promoting and updating but...I was just burned out, to be honest. Working so hard to get those 30 lenses done for the challenge by the end of October, and it was hard to keep up the enthusiasm and energy. That said, some of them did quite well with the sales - I've got over $120 sitting in my pending royalties right now which is a huge leap forward for me. And, hopefully, many of these lenses will have "aged well" by next holiday season and it will be easier work to just update them instead of starting from scratch in 2012.

I also spent some time getting back into my fiction writing this past month, which was a nice change of pace. That's totally a hobby for me, not something I'm looking to make money from, but I do find my writing brain basically has two modes: fiction or non-fiction. When I'm concentrating on one type of writing, I just can't switch back to the other during the day. But after cranking out 4 short stories for challenges in December I think I'm ready to switch back to non-fiction for a bit.

Anyway, it's also nice that I'm starting January with two lenses ranking in Tier 1! One of those, my page on Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan Changes, shot up to Tier 1 in just the few weeks since I posted it. I just hope it will maintain since I won't see any payout from it until January's rankings! I do kind of hate the fact that the only way I can get a lens to rank in Tier 1 - and stay in Tier 1 - is to write on a subject that's almost a Squid-don't (weight loss). But I try to make sure these lenses are focusing on unique content and discussing programs pros and cons, instead of just being a gimmicky sales pitch like so many diet and weight loss lenses. Still, it proves why it can be so hard to get in to Tier 1 unless you're writing about a topic that, well, ranks well because it's a hot search topic on the web. And therefore prone to a lot of scams, stolen content, cheap content and just general ickiness.

There's more I'd say now but I actually have to leave for the airport in a few hours for a vacation trip to London - woo! So you probably won't see me around much until the middle of January. Cheers!


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