Jan. 24th, 2012

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A short while back (I think while I was away in London) there were some SquidU forum posts about an email that RocketMoms would be ending, to be replaced by RocketSquids.

This makes me happy. OK, I do feel sad for those who loved RocketMoms and felt like they got a lot of encouragement and support from that community.

But I've been vocal in the past about why the whole "RocketMoms" thing rubbed me the wrong way. It was exclusionary toward women who couldn't/didn't want to be mothers and seemed like a kind of weird thing, to me, for Squidoo to promote without offering similar alternative communities to those who could not quality.

I'm much happier with the idea of RocketSquids - Giants and editors who are willing to offer support and guidance to new lens-masters. If it opens up, I will apply to be a mentor, absolutely.

I won't be egotistic but I will say, when I have complained about the discriminatory wording/nature of the RocketMoms group, I did get response. So perhaps in some (very very) small way I've contributed to a change? I really have no way of knowing nor will take credit for it. But I am happy to see this change in Squidoo's future. I do love the site and have really had nothing but good interactions with their higher-ups in the past year. So yay.
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I really should create a lens for it, I really should.

I noticed my Stewart Copeland lens getting quite a spike in hits the past couple days, after I did a few minor tweaks updating the news section and throwing in a link to buying/downloading his appearance on Storage Wars helping Barry Weiss with a drum set. (I freakin' love Barry so him + Stewart was just epic.) Now tonight I check my search stats for the page, and what are people looking for on Google that's taking them to my lens?

does barry weiss really know stewart copland%3f
did barry weiss ever sell his drums
barry weiss knows stewart copeland
drums for sale with the police signature
what cymbal did stewart copeland buy from barry
hiw does barry weiss know stuart
how does barry weiss know stuart copeland

Not gonna lie I LOL'ed. I also want to see if I can find out the answers to some of those questions, since people really seem to want to know!


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